What Clients Are Saying...

Dan Grech

Founder & CEO

Sheryl Cattell is an extraordinary visionary and leader and has a heart of gold. I have gotten to know Sheryl through her coaching at BizHack Academy. I've benefited from Sheryl's coaching for my business and observed many of her coaching sessions with my clients. She has an amazing ability to provide personalized coaching and solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client. She starts by asking what the person is looking for, listens to them, and then adapts her approach to match their needs. That's coaching gold!

Shamilla Amulega,

Ph.D. Candidate

Sheryl was able to provide an incredible perspective as a coach due to her vast experience and blunt, but not threatening approach. She helped me translate my business needs into solutions with proven results. She is a competent leader who is focused on helping her clients use their strengths to be the best trailblazers in their careers and businesses. It was a pleasure working alongside her.

Aleshia Jordan,

Principal & CEO

 I met Sheryl while in grief and just laid off from my job due to COVID. She immediately tapped into my intrinsic motivation and through her thought leadership, direct communications and compassion, encouraged me to stay focused on growing my own business. Sheryl is very candid, very passionate about helping others to be successful. Sheryl demonstrates a sincere desire to help make a difference! If you are looking for a business coach that will help give you some direction and motivation,  contact Sheryl!!

Diane Lade,


Do you sometimes wonder why you have this unsettling feeling that you aren’t truly happy, even when you have every reason to be? I struggled with this baffling paradox for years until I joined The Science of Well-Being Study Group, based on a Yale University class and led by certified life coach Sheryl Cattell. Sheryl’s directed approach, plus her excellent moderation skills, sparked supportive group discussions and gave me the insight I needed to get happier!

Betty Armstrong,


​During these times of isolation, Sheryl has provided a nurturing space for kindred spirits to safely gather in her weekly "Happiness Study Group." As we follow lessons from an online course at Yale University, Sheryl invites us to share our progress and challenges. I've learned new methods to actually evaluate my happiness and to sustain a true sense of well-being. I cherish the new friends I've made in our virtual class and will be forever grateful to Sheryl for creating this magical space at such a challenging time for all of us.​​

Beau Lewis Smith,

Lover of Life

Sheryl Cattell is a gem. She is both personal and professional, and she brings a wealth of experience from her time in the corporate world, along with her education and exploration in spirituality and development to all that she does. She is passionate about bringing high quality education, counseling and mentorship to everyone she works with. Sheryl is filled with love, empathy and wisdom.  Every time I work with Sheryl, I come away with new ideas and a new practical process to change that within me that I wish develop. I cannot recommend Sheryl highly enough.

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